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Our Find-A-Pro map is here!  I consistently have individuals and practitioners reaching out asking if I know of pros in their area. So often I know there are probably awesome, talented folks who have taken my courses that would be a great fit, but I don’t know them personally or can’t recall their contact information. Voila….the Find-A-Pro map at your service!


Ladies! This will be a great resource to find pros that have taken my full foundational professional course (adult, peds, or my running course) either live or online (some have done advanced courses to dig deeper). These pros have taken the extra step to pursue understanding and caring for pelvic, musculoskeletal and performance health simultaneously. They have an integrated a global understanding of caring for the whole woman standing in front of them! We want women looking for that kind of help to easily find practitioners that are prepared. Find help here!

Find-A-Pro Map


Pros! Get on the map so women in your local area can find you! To be added to the map, you must have completed at least one of the following: Julie’s full foundational course Piston Science Part One, Dynamic Core for Kids (either the 2-day live or 7-module online version), or Treating and Training the Female Runner. If you have completed those courses, follow this link to provide your details, and submit your course certificate, then you will be approved for the Map. Please note: we do not do the submission for you, we don’t know your info….like your business address for example; and you are not automatically added if you have taken a course. Submit your profile here!! I plug this resource on podcasts to get the word out! Help me help women find you!

Wanna get on the Map but need to take a course? Check out my 2020 live course schedule here or do a course from the comfort of home, at your own pace with an online course here.

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