The #pelvicmafia: How It All Began….

The #pelvicmafia origins story is not as interesting as the cheeky topics members of the Mafioso get into on twitter, nor does it demonstrate the rich tradition, rituals, secret handshakes or hazing.  But it is at its heart a tale of passion, that began on twitter and has grown into a network of international practitioners who get pretty bossy and passionate about the pelvis in 140 characters or less every day. They can also be found penning blogs, contributing to forums, providing education programs and ‘representing’ in their local communities with their caseloads and colleagues.

Now, we even have our own t-shirts! T’s for V’s celebrates all things pelvic and the proceeds support a few great causes. When you purchase official #pelvicmafia gear – T’s and undies – you’re money supports fistula repair and rehab program development and implementation in Africa through two organizations Women’s Action Initiative and Share My Flowers.

Join the conversation, buy a shirt, support a cause and never Fuhgeddaboud the pelvis!

How it all began…..(modified from a previous post)

One question really started it all.

Antony Lo (@physiodetective) posed this question on twitter:

What specific conditions do you think need specialist Women’s Health care?

My twitter response: I think the answer [to] that can’t be a formula and I think if we can change how we address MSK [musculoskeletal] & pelvic floor and treat them together from the get go then women wouldn’t end up [with] the really awful stuff that internal [physios] have to sort thru. When I give courses I equate it to a drafty window that eventually turns into a huge reno project [because] the true issue wasn’t addressed early. Let’s normalize the pelvic floor, integrate it early in MSK and see if we can avoid the major reno projects internal therapists are seeing. Your thoughts?

Antony followed up with a  great blog on the subject! He discussed the pelvic floor as the primary or  secondary (“the victim”) source or manifestation of dysfunction.

The conversation then moved to Linked In where physiotherapists, chiropractors, and osteopaths from around the globe weighed in. I shared with the forum that “on Twitter @AFXOnline (Matt Ferguson) called us all the #pelvicmafia…and I think it fits!” The name stuck and the #pelvicmafia was born. A global group dedicated to improving pelvic health with the variety of skills, thoughts, and experiences we each bring to the table.

Join us! The hazing is pretty painless, just use the hashtag #pelvicmafia, say something smart, witty and pelvic…and you’re in!

***Huge shout out to Matt Ferguson of AFX-Online, a foot guy with a gift for #hashtags! And Jessica McKinney, the t-shirt designer and a PT on a mission for good!



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4 thoughts on “The #pelvicmafia: How It All Began….”

  1. Sue Croft says:

    I’m so pleased to have that summary of how #pelvicmafia started. Those of us who are older with memory issues:-) felt it just morphed into existence and was so natural it was like cleaning teeth( or doing some pelvic floor exercises). Thank you and here’s to all my http://www.friends #pelvicmafia

    1. Julie Wiebe says:

      Yes, cheers to the #pelvicmafia evolution! Thanks Sue! Julie

  2. Hi Julie!

    Thank so much for posting this! I am so excited that so many wonderful pelvic wellness advocates like yourself are using social media to bring awareness to pelvic health! Yay #pelvicmafia!!! SP

    1. Julie Wiebe says:

      Thanks for all the work you do too, Stephanie! J

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