Dear Friends and Colleagues

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

This is a bit of a departure from my typical Dear So-and-So blog (Dear Coach, Dear Dr. Oz, Dear Depend and Poise, etc.). Instead it’s about an actual departure….mine. As of today, I am taking a break, a sabbatical of sorts, for some much needed rest until the Fall.

Here’s what I will be doing while I am underground: hanging out with family, reorganizing some drawers, gardening, and reading a FICTION book or two (please leave a suggestion in the comments below!). I’m also jones-ing to find a yoga class I can quietly slip into the back of and pretend I don’t know anything about breathing or movement. I’ll be doing some projects behind the scenes, too: some writing, some research, some new course development, maybe a few blogs, and sorting out my next moves professionally.

 Here’s what I won’t be able to do while I am underground: social media, weighing in on forums, and directly answering personal and professional email queries. But I have planned ahead to not leave you empty handed! I have redesigned my website and added a new online course on female athletes to help address your questions and queries while I am off the grid.

 With the help of a great web design team, Angie Gott of and Jen Campbell of, the new site is more streamlined and user-friendly. It is intended to be a learning resource for both individuals and professionals. Let me talk you through some new features to help you with your self-directed learning on the site:


  • The site is packed with information in blogs and videos addressing topics from fitness to women’s health, diastasis to incontinence, prolapse to core stability. Use the search function on the site and type in a topic you are interested in to find relevant information to meet your needs. (Ex: Diastasis) You can subscribe directly to the blog now! And subscribe to the newsletter for updates, new product notifications, upcoming events and discounts!
  • I also have a video series designed for women that is available as both an online course or DVD called the Pelvic Floor Piston: Foundation for Fitness. This is a step-by-step guide to my inside-out approach to restoring a well-coordinated, central stability system (aka ‘core’). This is the foundation I help each of my patients re-build no matter what they are seeking help for: pain, incontinence, diastasis, prolapse, and/or a return to fitness. Check it out to pull together the pieces of your Piston to support movement, function and fitness!
  • If the information, movement strategies, and exercises in the DVD/online course do not bring results in a timely fashion (you should see improvements within a month), then please consider seeking local help. Check out the new resources page on the website to find a physical therapist/physiotherapist near you.
  • My hiatus will not impact my current caseload, but I will not be accepting new patients until the Fall. I am running a waitlist, if you would like to be on this list, please contact me at


  • The site is dense with information on loads of topics. Please use the search function on the site for self-directed exploration of the blogs and videos to address your interests and questions. (Ex: CrossFit). Many pros have also used the blogs and videos to share with their patients and clients to support their education. You can subscribe directly to the blog now! And subscribe to the newsletter for updates, new product notifications, upcoming event, and discounts!
  • Pre-recorded online courses for adult rehab and fitness pros are available on the site, so you can learn at your own pace. If you’re new to my methodology, I would recommend the online courses as a way to begin to understand the evidence and theory behind the approach through the intro pro course (Diaphragm/Pelvic Floor Piston for Rehab and Fitness).  Learn how to pull the pieces of the Piston together to act as a coordinated team in a course I developed for women, that takes you step-by-step through practical application of the evidence (Pelvic Floor Piston: Foundation for Fitness). Apply the ideas to female athletes and help them meet the demands of high intensity training with my latest online course (Female Athletes: Ready for Impact?). You can purchase the three courses together for less as a bundle here.  Bulk pricing is available for staff or group viewing, contact for more information.
  • Peds therapists there are online courses for you too! Check them out here.
  • I also offer online mentoring to support your learning. These are scheduled for one hour and provide an opportunity to have your questions answered, collaborate on a case, and build new practice tools. Contact to schedule your session for the Fall.
  • Come to a live course! Join your rehab and fitness colleagues at a 2-day professional development course. My 2016 teaching schedule is all set. Check out the new events calendar on the site to look for dates and locations of both pediatric and adult live courses! More info on the course can be found here.
  • Interested in hosting a live course? I will begin scheduling 2017 when I resurface in the Fall. Please contact me at, I will be responding on a first come, first serve basis.

 Please take advantage of all of these resources!

 I will be resurfacing in the Fall. On Oct 3-4, my pediatric teaching partner and I will be hosting our first live online 2-day pediatrics course, join us for an interactive experience. Then come nerd out with me in person for the live adult course in Dubuque, Iowa (Oct 24-25) or Toronto, Ontario (Nov 14-15). I will be back on the grid officially in mid-November.

 Thanks everyone! Take care and see you again in the Fall.

 Now about those drawers…..





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6 thoughts on “Dear Friends and Colleagues”

  1. Michelle Bonham says:

    Cheers to a happy summer!

    1. Julie Wiebe says:

      Thanks Michelle! Appreciate you popping back over! Julie

  2. Good for you! I am in the middle of a 2 month sabbatical of sorts myself and loving it. (Though mine in particular includes packing and getting ready to move to a new city and start a new job…). I slipped at yoga today and said I was a PT, which I had been determined not to do. It’s nice to breathe fresh air and be *just a person* and not always a PT. I hope you enjoy your break and find it refreshing and restful!

    1. Julie Wiebe says:

      Thanks Mandi! Funny that you can totally relate to my yoga class wishes! All the best for your big changes!

      Take care- Julie

  3. Brenda says:

    Julie – you are amazing! That’s one busy sabbatical 🙂

    I would love, at some point, to see a video or blog post that addresses why so many people suffer from pelvic floor disorders. Thank you!

    1. Julie Wiebe says:

      OK, I will add it to the list :)! Julie

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