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Running and Prolapse

Strategies for Return to Running with Prolapse

Let’s talk about return to running with prolapse! Activities with high impact forces can be tricky in the presence of a pelvic organ prolapse. We want to limit those forces and prepare for them as we recover from a pregnancy. However, integrating strategies to keep those forces inside the tolerance of the active (muscle) and...

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When do I need to think about the pelvic floor and breath in fitness

When should I think about my pelvic floor and breath in fitness?

“When should I think about my pelvic floor and breath in fitness, and when can I rely on it to happen automatically?” Always? Never? Some? This is a real time issue for female athletes returning to fitness or sport after pregnancy and delivery. My answer here represents the shift in thinking I hope to continue...

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Dear Julie: Depend Responds

Last week I issued a Challenge to Depend and Poise to change their messaging to women from selling confidence via embracing incontinence to inspiring true confidence with messaging that captured the possibility that women could live free of incontinence. Depend wrote me back! Here is their response, and mine! Dear Julie- Thank you so much...

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Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes….and Pelvic Floor

  My Father-in-law’s favorite joke is to lift his arm only to shoulder level and say “Hey doc! I can only lift my arm this high.” Then as he raises his arm to straight overhead, he says “But I used to be able to lift it this high.” After ruling out the need for a...

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