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Blog Tag: Do you pee when you workout?

Young Female Athletes Part Three: Pelvic Health and a Coordinated Core

It’s our final installment of Young Female Athlete month here at Julie Wiebe, PT! Julie Granger, PT of Prism Wellness Center has brought her wealth of knowledge and experience working with this population to us in this 3-blog series!! These are excerpts from her recently published e-book Young Female Athlete’s Playbook . We’ve covered growth spurts,...

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CrossFit asks “Do You Pee During Workouts?” We’ve Got Answers

Sooo….this happened. . Female CrossFit athletes happily declaring that they pee during a workout. A Gynecologist offers her medical advice “It’s OK to pee during double-unders!”. You can even get a t-shirt now in case you want to let folks know who may have missed the viral video. Peeing during a workout was offered as a...

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