Muscular Isolation vs Meaningful Muscular Relationships: Time to Move On

Nothing like a week in the woods with your church community and family to remind one that we are designed to be in and for relationships. Doing life together for a week…deepened old and started new connections. Our family capped our week away with 24-hours in San Francisco, including a bucket list trip to see...

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So you’re having a baby? Tips to prepare for delivery

I bumped into a friend I hadn’t seen in awhile and was surprised to discover that she was 8 months pregnant! I only had a few minutes to give her some advice on how to prep for delivery and to prevent her own injuries as best she could. I came up with three things I...

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Alignment vs Positional Variability: Is that the right question?

The water is getting pretty murky out there, and I am seeing and hearing a lot of confusion regarding this question: alignment (defined as a specific alignment, usually “neutral”, the use of an optimized position) or variability (adopting a variety of postures) for pelvic health or diastasis concerns. Unfortunately, these two ideas have been communicated...

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Should you squat with your feet straight?

One of the messages that seems to have infiltrated the pre/post-partum recovery and return to fitness world is to stand and squat with your feet straight. I am not a fan of this message, and never a fan of a formula or an “everyone should” premise. Saying everyone’s feet should go in one particular trajectory...

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Tips for Return to Running with Prolapse

I recently had the opportunity to hash out how to begin to build back to running for women with pelvic organ prolapse and other pelvic health issues. Have a listen as I chat with Dr. Bri Grogan on her  FemFusionFitness   YouTube channel!     Don’t want to miss a post? Sign up for my newsletter...

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